Jumbo Fabrica

Jumbo Fabrica is a curated multi-tiered event taking us beneath the surface and into the heart of Woodlands, Singapore’s beloved district in the north.

We knock on the doors of Woodlands residents to begin a conversation, create upcycling stations at various void decks, map out walking trails and ‘take over’ Kampong Admiralty with performances inspired by the residents of Woodlands.

Old furniture pieces; an extension of their owners, are imbued with stories and histories. These objects become the source of inspiration and point of departure for Jumbo Fabrica, while the diverse inhabitants of Woodlands become both direct and unexpected collaborators in this venture. Residents and visitors can join in to learn the stories behind the furniture pieces and participate in the process of rejuvenating something old into something new.

In addition, visitors can participate in walking trails to re-discover various locations throughout Woodlands and enjoy micro-performances that come to life with the colourful characters and vibrant energy of Woodlands. As a special twist, props and set pieces used in the performances will be gleaned from the upcycling sessions.

Jumbo Fabrica is an art event for one and all stemming from the heart of Woodlands and bridging the diverse energies of the Woodlands community with the power of the arts.

Walking Trail

Jumbo Fabrica culminates in an exciting walking trail where participants re-discover Woodlands on foot and arrive at three stations planted within the trail with special moments to encounter along the way. Armed with audio guides, participants will be encouraged to listen to audio performances inspired by stories of the residents of Woodlands, and be treated to live performances at each station.

The 90-min walking trail will be a treat for the senses with the natural sights, sounds and buzz of Woodlands melding wonderfully with performance.

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Nov 24 - Nov 25, 2018
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM SGT
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832 Woodlands St 82
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